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Welcome to The Harmony Exercise, a 10 minute meditation that will transform your life — if given a fair try.

The Harmony Exercise has 7 parts. When done in order, these sequences connect the body, mind and spirit and fill us with consistent affirmations. The repetitions of these affirmations help us navigate the challenges and triggers that frequently show up in our daily lives.

The Harmony begins with a progressive relaxation exercise that focuses the mind on every part of the body from the the head to the toes. If people just did this one exercise, stress would be greatly reduced. After relaxing the body, we quiet the mind by taking our focus and attention inside, anchoring it in the crown of the head or the heart center.

Having relaxed the body and mind we perform a unique 10 count breathing exercise. Inhaling slowly to the count of 10, swallowing that breath — and breathing out to the count of 10, we oxygenate the body and brain. The 10 count breathing exercise also activates the sympathetic nervous system again reducing our physical stress.

After the breathing exercise, we make personal realizations of Health, Harmony, Gratitude, and Abundance, for ourselves and others. This is where the Harmony Exercise stands on its own in the meditation world. Thoughts are things, and we become what we think about. That being said, we train our thoughts to only focus on that which we wish to become and The Harmony Exercise makes a great foundation for us to do this.

Right Action is the final pert of meditation where we mentally turn things over, visions and goals, or problems and situations. Another thing about The Harmony Exercise is our ability to get very specific about who and what we are working for.

We are not saying there is no other way to gain similar benefits but given a conscious commitment this exercise will absolutely change your life as it has for our Founders and early adopters. Please refer to the Testimonial page and see real life examples that will clearly demonstrate this.

We are working on designing The Harmony Exercise App so people can benefit from this practice no matter their location or time of day.

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