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Universal Harmony

Bari Denney

Bari Denney The Harmony Exercise

Universal Harmony is the Principle of the Harmony Exercise that has transformed me the most.

When I discovered the power of using this thought, I realized …It is the attitude changer!!


I remember the first time I ever really used Universal Harmony in a situation that was uncomfortable, we were living in Boulder, Colorado.  I was an intern teaching at a Montessori preschool. I loved the kids and had lots of fun with them.  There was another teacher who I worked with and she was very serious.  She never laughed. She never had fun. That bugged me.

John got tired of me complaining about her and said, send her Universal Harmony when you do the Harmony Exercise.   I thought, OK I will try that.  Up until then I was sending Universal Harmony to my family , I never thought to send it to someone who bugged me!

So when I would do the Harmony and I got to the part of sending Universal Harmony, I would think of her name and face and send her Universal Harmony. I felt like I was sending her into a white light.  It took a few times, but it worked!  I was never bugged again!


I didn’t realize what a cool tool this was to use.  I learned that sending specific people Universal Harmony, before interacting with them, took the edge off when I was feeling insecure.

I have also used this technique recently with someone who I thought I would be friends with for a long time, but now we are not.  I have been sad about it, mad about it, and confused about it.  None of those things made me feel any better.  When I started naming her and sending her universal harmony, after a few times, I felt lifted and I have an acceptance of our relationship. I can be grateful for the times we had together and not worry about anything else.


I really like to use Universal Harmony when traveling.  It’s my lucky rabbit’s foot!


In reality, it’s a form of controlling my thoughts so I can be a good traveler to all the people I will come in contact with and how I can connect with everyone in a Harmonious way.