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Make Meditation A Daily Ritual

The Harmony Exercise is a ten-minute daily meditation which I have been practicing since 1985, but never with the level of commitment I made in 2017. Last year, I completed a full year of daily meditation and did not miss a single day! If you are an inconsistent, irregular meditator like I was, but you understand and have faith in meditation, I highly recommend making it a daily practice. I saw some incredible results that I believe are a direct result of meditating on a consistent daily basis. The three major areas of improvement I noticed are:

(1) An increased sense of well-being and emotional calm. For many years I have suffered from FO-MO, Fear Of Missing Out. But now I feel that I am in the right place at the right time. I am making better choices, have more ability to resist temptation (not always), and am making decisions from a more centered place. I have also noticed things do not seem to build up if something is bothering me meditating has helped me release or replace it.

(2) I now have the ability to see the silver lining when having bad luck from making bad choices or mistakes. I don’t know if everything happens for a reason but this year I have lived by that mantra and it is working. Most recently my brand new iPad fell off my car and smashed the screen. I was not happy, but was grateful I still had it and made the conscious decision not to let it ruin my day. I took it to the ATT store and paid $265 dollars to have my iPad repaired. Fortunately, the trip to the store ended up saving me over $1250 on another project I was working on!! I would not have gone to the store that day and I would not have saved that money.

3) I am now so much more in harmony and in the flow and beauty of nature. It seems that nature has a show for me to see, sometimes shared with my wife, Bari, or another, but now it always seems planned for me. My level of good fortune just seems to be at an extraordinary level, and even when things are not going so well I now don’t get emotionally upset. In the mornings after meditating I leave the house in a good mood and meet people I know, everywhere, get good parking spots, short lines and the traffic lights seem to be with me. I am just feeling in the flow.

In 1985 I learned about The Harmony Exercise from Carroll Righter (1900-1988) who was the astrologer and life coach to Hollywood’s rich and famous, including Ron and Nancy Reagan. He was a syndicated columnist in over 650 magazines and newspapers worldwide. Carroll explained to me the main reason for his success was his understanding and use of the power of thought. The way he developed and practiced this power was through a daily practice of meditation and prayer. Carroll meditated twice a day morning and night. He believed that we are transformed by the continual renewing of the mind. I now know what he meant.
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